Joe Kickass - We Ridin'



During 'So Sno Winter Music Festival 2015' in Italy, Joe Kickass and his production teammates 'Killing Skills' made a next level boombap jam for the ages. Inspired by their surrounding mountain landscape they produced, wrote and recorded the song 'We Ridin'. The cherry on the musical cake is brought to you by Polish scratch lord DJ Haem, who added his insane scratches with a vocal sample referencing another classic track.


The festival brought in an up and coming filmmaker nicknamed 'Young Polanski' who is said to be the next... well the name says it all. He and his team crafted this video to complement the music and atmosphere in a visually stunning way.


Choose your mode of transportation and ride it to this one!


Music: Killing Skills
Lyrics: Joe Kickass
Scratches: DJ Haem
Pictures: Mihał Modlinger, Piotr Flis, Bartosz Karcz
Assembly: Michał Modlinger
Production Manager: Paula Sosnowska


Special Thank you to So Sno Winter Music Festival