Junglebae - Hit Em (Prod. Boaz van de Beatz)

DOWNLOAD or STREAM: https://NRM.lnk.to/HitEm


Produced by: Boaz van de Beatz

Info: Amy and Gianni are evidently on a creative roll, as the pair is back again with this stunning second release! Produced by the legendary Boaz van de Beatz, 'Hit Em' unveils the underground sounds of UK-club with a rough, enticing vibe. Accompanied by the raw, rebellious lyrics, this dynamic duo is set to captivate a global audience. Primarily renowned for their fusion of rap with different music styles, Junglebae has also upheld a strong image that’s characterised by bold looks and stylish attire.

“We really wanted to release something more raw and with more speed. Which is what we're missing from rap nowadays, especially from female rappers. Hit Em is all about inspiring people to get off their ass and work for what they want. Nobody is gonna go harder for you than you.” -Junglebae


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Director: Basnetron & Kawar Berwary
Styling: Iris Janssen