Migos - Confessions

The Atlanta superstars get bad and boujee with FACT.

Following the monstrous success of their critically acclaimed new album C U L T U R E, everyone wants a piece of Migos. And understandably so – the Atlanta trio's murky sound on tracks like 'T-Shirt', 'Hannah Montana' and 'Get Right Witcha' is matched only by their chemistry on the mic together. Cult adored long before 'Bad and Boujee' went stratospheric, they've now well and truly spilled into mainstream view, stealing the show on guest spots for Katy Perry, Calvin Harris and Big Sean recently.

But what are the weirdest dreams the group have ever had? What are their favourite swear words? And what the hell is up with Quavo's insane basketball skills? We linked up with Migos on a recent stopover in London to give them a Confessions grilling.